shift meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
shift meaning in tamil is திசையாற்றம்

shift meaning in tamil with example

shift tamil meaning and more example for shift will be given in tamil.
Well make efforts to accelerate the pace of reform and openingup enhance capability in independent innovation give impetus to the shift in economic restructuring and in the mode of economic growth and improve the quality and results of economic growth he said. Gouri had not liked his raising the issues relating to the damage wrought in Kasaragod district by Endosulfan and the support he had extended to shift the piggery that was polluting a large area in Thrissur district. In the commercial menu one will be able to know the status of new telephone connection applied anywhere in Kerala shift or transfer or change the number of any number in Kerala. In the adjoining figure this represents the shift of RD centres from their traditional western bases to emerging market locations quadrant 1 to 2. Governance benefits Attention should now shift to not just the date of implementation significant though it is but the benefits the new moves are expected to confer in the areas of corporate governance. According to the report the reduction in nonrevenue water will be achieved through the reduction in leakage in distribution networks and encouraging users to shift from public taps to piped water which will result in reduction in consumption from the former. Hearing on a writ petition seeking to shift the venue of the Sankararaman murder case trial from the Principal Sessions Court premises in Pondicherry to some other place in the same city has been adjourned by two weeks by the Madras High Court.