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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
shares meaning in tamil is பங்கு

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The CPI M said categorically that this should be the path to follow rather than disinvestment of shares in profitable public sector enterprises. Venkataraman who shares his views on biodiversity conservation with J.V. Siva Prasanna Kumar during his visit to the Temple City to address a workshop on biodiversity conservation. This is rather unfortunate as Clause 49 is really just one part of the listing requirements that any company enlisting its shares on stock exchanges will have to comply with. The SEBI will have the powers to punish recalcitrant companies with large fines and even delist their shares as a last resort. The Bombay Stock Exchange benchmark 30share sensitive index Sensex surrendered early gains as shares met with heavy profit taking and fell sharply to close with moderate loss of 7.79 points at 9390.14 on Monday the first trading day of 2006. The proposed scheme of amalgamation envisages a share exchange ratio of five equity shares of the face value of Rs. The share exchange ratio is based on the number of shares of RCL held by RCVL and is as recommended by the leading international firm KPMG. The board of directors of the company has approved the scheme of acquisition by issuing five lakh equity shares of the company on a preferential basis to the existing shareholders of Mimansa according to SEBI guidelines the company informed the Bombay Stock Exchange. Counsel said the circumstances surrounding the allotment of the shares raised a suspicion that the real beneficiary was the then Minister.