share meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
share meaning in tamil is பகிர்ந்துகொள்

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share tamil meaning and more example for share will be given in tamil.
Karnataka is among the leading tobacco growers in the country and Mysore accounts for a lions share in the States tobacco production. Can an independent director who gets sitting fees and even a share in the profits be allowed to continue his role as a consultant. In sharp contrast to the public sector companies contribution to the Government exchequer by way of corporate tax India Incs share has more than doubled in the last four years. A study by Assocham released on Sunday said the share of top 50 business houses had shot up by 189 per cent to touch Rs.8995 crores in 200405 against Rs.3102 crores in 200102. It attributed the low growth of PSUs share in the total corporate tax paid to the fact that the oil marketing companies have been burdened with underrecoveries on the sale of petroleum products while telecom companies have also paid lesser advance tax than what they did last year. The cumulative effect of the heavy purchases of FIIs and the liberal support to new issues by the existing and new undertakings have been responsible for a significant contraction of the ownership of share holdings of Indian financial institutions and promoters as well as individual shareholders. BSNL officers said that it would be unjust to allow private operators to share BSNLs rural infrastructure without meeting their rural obligation. The main objectives of the study were to estimate the producers share in the consumers rupee for the vegetable crops in selected Rythu Bazars and to study the problems of vegetable consumers and producers in Rythu Bazars.