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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
shameful meaning in tamil is வெட்கத்திற்குரிய, கோலமான

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It is at once an inspiring saga of struggles and successes and a history of fractious trade unionism domination of trade unions by power structures much beyond the control of the working populace of remarkable gains and shameful surrenders. Last September the Manmohan Singh Government took the politically shameful and morally indefensible decision of voting for a resolution that found Iran in noncompliance with its IAEA safeguards agreement and obligated the eventual referral of the matter to the United Nations Security Council. K.J. Rao Secunderabad The political scene in which elected representatives are unavailable to their people and are hiding elsewhere is shameful and unethical. They said it would be very shameful if a man whom the Supreme Court had held as acting in an unconstitutional manner were to hoist the flag. However it is shameful that those in power allowed him to hoist the national flag which their young budding MP Rahul Gandhi claims is his religion on Republic Day. It is shameful and intolerable that UPA Government wants to save Rs.4500 crores by cutting entitlement of Below Poverty Line and Antyodaya families and by increasing Above Poverty Line prices the resolution said. It is also shameful that the police have not been able to solve any such serious crimes during the last few months he further said. Special Correspondent adds from Thiruvananthapuram Kerala Pradesh Congress Committee president Ramesh Chennithala has described as shameful to literate Kerala the pouring of waste oil on Mr.