sham meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
sham meaning in tamil is போலியாக நடி, போலியான, நடிக்கிற, ஏமாற்றுதல், மோசடி

sham meaning in tamil with example

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During the vehicle checking the Narketpally police nabbed another dacoit Rodda Sham 40 the SP said. Later the Congress Legislature Party CLP too joined the chorus in rubbishing the TDP yatra as a sham and sought an explanation from the latter for Telangana neglect during its rule. Sahasrabuddhe displayed her versatility through the rendition of compositions in Gorakh Kalyan and Sham Kalyan. Those arrested are Ajith of Pallipuram in Kasaragod owner of the cyber cafe and Oswald Soans Sham Ahmad and Ajamal Mohammed Ali customers from Mangalore and Vadagara. The National Institute of Communicable Diseases at Sham Nath Marg has also established a control room. Perfect Hero Conquering Hero Perfect Angel 60 H.A. Sachin 1 Godolphin Star 53 Milan 2 Caribu Coffee 54 Akbar 3 and Dominant Star 51.5 cd.54.5 Sham Kumar 4. Starry Fate Star Supreme Top Star 51 Miss Roopa 1 Sheraton Heights 54 Prem 2 Ocean Silk 52 cd.54.5 Sham Kumar 3 and Capricorn Line 57 Senthil Kumar 4. Northern Pride Always A Rainbow Arctic Maid 60 Venkatesan 1 Commanche Legend 55 Milan 2 Regent Court 54.5 Sham Kumar 3 and Far Above 57.5 Huzaif 4. Stimulated Sizzling Melody Almalat 59 Sham Kumar 1 Magic Kingdom 48 cd.49 Lakshmanan 2 Splendid Gesture 54.5 Miss Roopa 3 and Desert Serenade 54.5 Huzaif 4. Ministrel Heights Placerville Angel Heights 52 Prem 1 Amazing Velocity 57.5 Ross 2 Future Fame 60 Milan 3 and Accolade 53.5 Sham Kumar 4. Murugan 1 Gulf Star 56 Lakshmanan 2 Airs Image 54 Casey 3 and Rainbow Prospect 50 cd.53.5 Sham Kumar 4.