rash meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
rash meaning in tamil is அவசரப்புத்தயுள்ள

rash meaning in tamil with example

rash tamil meaning and more example for rash will be given in tamil.
18000 the V570 is only slightly costlier than singlelens digicams of comparable quality and can be expected to set off a rash of challengers as soon as the competition gets its own double act together. No wonder there is a rash of books by Blist celebrities while serious writers struggle to find acceptance. The police registered case against his namesake Mariappan the bike rider for driving the twowheeler in a rash and negligent manner. Nalgonda Staff Reporter writes Inspector Manohar Reddy said The passengers were caught between the two RTC buses when the private bus hit one of them. Rash driving and negligence of the private driver is believed to be the reason for the accident. The police are also very enthusiastic on implementing these two aspects as they concern an ordinary law abiding citizen without considering the actual hazards created by drunken driving careless and rash driving and violation of traffic rules like jumping the signals. On the way Balasubbaiah got into an argument with the jeep passengers for their rash and negligent driving and said that he would complain to the police. Dengue danger Not long ago the city witnessed a rash of dengue fever sending civic officials on an overdrive to contain it. The police have registered a case of causing death due to rash and negligent driving and are trying to identify the involved vehicle. Federer appeared to be in top form and cruising to an easy victory when he ran into a rash of mistakes at the same time that Haas stepped up his game.