powder meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
powder meaning in tamil is பொடி, தூள்

powder meaning in tamil with example

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Picking up the white muggu powder between their thumb and index fingers they waited for the word go from organisers. Large quantities of cardamom clove turmeric saffron sandal wood and spices heaped in the centre of the mantapa and tools used to powder them such as grinding stone pestle and mortar were decorated with flowers. In the past stunts by the group included dropping purple powder at the Prime Minister in the Commons and scaling the gates of Buckingham Palace. His coresidents say they invest in bleaching powder and keep their doors and windows shut to keep out snakes and frogs. The group was founded about four years ago by divorced and separated fathers to demand more access to their children but a series of sensational stunts such as throwing a purple powder at Mr. Vidya Sagar to visit Nashik to work out the modalities for exploring the possibility of exporting gum directly better marketing of soyabean powder and contacting RUDA Rajasthan for securing better marketing avenues. During raids on shops on VKK Menon Road in Sidhapudur area 1100 grams of cow dung powder was seized and five shop owners were arrested. Encouraging results Agriculture waste like bengalgram husk redgram seed husk bengalgram fruit coat and tamarind fruit shell powder were employed in treatment of water. 151 Special Correspondent Explosive powder seized KANNU. The Valapattanam police seized a small quantity of gun powder and some paper containers found abandoned at Narikkundamvayal near Valapattanam on Saturday.