pour meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pour meaning in tamil is ஊற்று

pour meaning in tamil with example

pour tamil meaning and more example for pour will be given in tamil.
Different sections of people had been approaching padayatra to pour their woes and some of them had even gone to the extent of saying that nobody had visited them like this to know their problems so far the party leaders claimed. With over anhourleft for the rally to begin thousands of people began to pour into Veli Ground and roads near it from parts of West Kochi and Ernakulam. For most part of the match Srichaphan and the ball had different ideas and the errors just didnt just pour in they came like an avalanche. Patriotic spirit Nationalistic feelings did pour forth as people whose families had left the shores of India decades and centuries ago said Mera Bharat Mahaan and recalled Mahatma Gandhi time and again. We pour phenoyl on the carcass to make it inedible and charge the offenders under the Public Nuisance Act but the practice of not slaughtering the animal in the abattoir continues admits an official. We expect about 5000 and can easily handle upwards of 4000 said K.G. Girish Babu Chief Executive Officer Infopark as he watched young people pour into the temporary pandals raised close to the new Vismaya IT complex in the Infopark. In an increasingly globalised environment investors pour money into quality stocks only if they are traded through stock exchanges that meet stringent regulatory requirements. Ashraff were extremely talented but are not finding an avenue to showcase their talent. With nothing but nature for company guests at Plantation Trails can meet and listen to the coffee planters who are believed to pour their lives into every cup of coffee.