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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pounce meaning in tamil is சீறிப்பாய், திடீரென குதித்துத் தாக்குதல்

pounce meaning in tamil with example

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Malik had his moments of uncertainty when Sreesanth took the ball away from him but was quick to pounce on the slightest width offered by the pacemen. Its all about how good you are at finishing off the games because in international cricket good teams dont give you chances too often and whenever the chance comes you have to pounce on it he said. Those are the safeguards against manipulation. And after all that if something slips through the gate there are hawklike readers to pounce upon the newspaper. Unable to make significant inroads the attacking forces gave up much of the ground they had gained since there was real danger that the militia would ambush supply columns or pounce in force on isolated units. We may have the power and the law enforcing machinery in our control but we should not forget the fact that antiDravidian lobbies are waiting in the bushes to pounce on the true Dravidians. DMK general secretary and Finance Minister K. The visitor was quick to pounce on the opportunity and found the equaliser in the 33rd minute when Bader Abu Salim nodded home a freekick. Readers are quick to pounce upon oddities such as three big pictures in one issue of Union Minister Mani Shanker Iyer at three functions in Chennai city. Total command And so he went to work a little perky alert man poised over a bat ready to pounce on anything wayward prepared to subdue anything threatening. He had a difficult time keeping the inquisitive villagers away from the scene for fear that the tiger might pounce on them when once it came out of the well.