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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
potholes meaning in tamil is குன்டு குழி சாலை

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The road users ordeal of travelling on the raindamaged roads in the city continues thanks to slowpaced efforts of the Salem Corporation in repairing potholes on roads. But the Corporation had filled up the potholes with sand that proved to be of no use to the road users. The gaping potholes in several important thoroughfares continue to give us a nightmare road users said. But the civic workers have ignored patching up a few potholes on these roads residents pointed out. All the roads used by city buses will be relaid using mechanical pavers while those with potholes will be repaired using bitumen mix. Accordingly work to fill potholes began and the Commissioner even said that over 140 km of arterial roads in each of the three zones will be free of potholes by December 15 2005. The potholes and craters have disappeared and one experiences the smooth feeling of a drive on the new roads. But this road which has more potholes than conceivably any other is badly in need of lighting on either side. We thought we should at least fill the potholes with sand for easy vehicular movement during our stay in the village said G. After the official machinery and the Tirunelveli Corporation were not in a mood to repair this road even after witnessing several fatal accidents a girl student with the help of her uncle filled the potholes with the roadside blue metal and gravel sand. The protest was staged near Gnanambigai Mills and the worst among the numerous potholes was chosen for the planting of the saplings.