potential meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
potential meaning in tamil is ஆற்றல் உள்ள

potential meaning in tamil with example

potential tamil meaning and more example for potential will be given in tamil.
As this district is known for its traditional skills in handicrafts items it has an immense market potential in the country as well as abroad. This move will boost the SHG products sale in the domestic market which has high potential and remains to be tapped he said. Similarly cultivation of subabul plantations in large numbers in Jaggayyapet area created huge potential for developing paper industry. The intelligent components can readily respond to ensure safety help maintain safe distance from the forerunning vehicle prevent accidents ensure fuel efficiency control tailpipe emissions communicate status of the vehicle and potential preventive options to the driver said K. He said India had great potential to produce intelligent equipment that could be installed in vehicles along with sensors to detect changes and communicate them to the drivers. The regulator had defused a potential crisis by postponing the implementation of Clause 49 guidelines in March 2005. Pakistan and Bangladesh with sizable trade deficits with India can increase their exports only with adjustments in several directions that include measures to develop the growth potential of their economies. According to Pillai Rangaprabhat is not an attempt to create stage artistes out of children it is an effort to utilise the infinite potential of performing arts to propagate noble ideals among them for social change. Genetically modified foods have the potential to solve many of the worlds hunger and malnutrition problems and help protect the environment by increasing yield and reducing reliance on chemical pesticides and herbicides.