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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
posters meaning in tamil is சுவரொட்டிகள்

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The State Transport Department has put up banners and posters at all major traffic intersections important roads offices commercial and industrial complexes as well as offices of the department and the Delhi Government. In a release the AIMSS said the Mysore City Corporation MCC should take steps to remove the ugly hoardings and posters plastered in various parts of the city. Obscene posters have been put up near educational institutions and are bound to have a negative influence on youngsters. Kerala will be the first State in India to deploy the new posters in schools and is part of a series of community education initiatives and research into how to improve treatment for snakebite being carried out in a number of institutions in Kerala such as the Little Flower Hospital at Angamaly. The activists held aloft posters and pictures of the poor working conditions at the shipbreaking yard at Alang in Gujarat where the decommissioned ship was headed. An exhibition of photographs and posters was held to sensitise the public about the impact of road accidents. The posters printed by the CPI M as publicity material for the programme carried the picture of only Mr. Vidya Prasad on Saturday released the posters with the message Wear helmet save your life. He also stressed the need to educate people on rendering timely help to accident victims by alerting police to save precious lives. Unlike Indian elections there were no big rallies or posters on walls 151 the campaign was quite with candidates addressing voters in small gatherings organised at shopping malls places of worships schools and community centres.