possession meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
possession meaning in tamil is ஆஸ்தி

possession meaning in tamil with example

possession tamil meaning and more example for possession will be given in tamil.
The police said that Babu 24 was arrested with 666 lotteries in his possession at Doveepuram while Mathiyalagan 35 was taken into the custody with 820 lottery tickets when he was moving near V.V.D Junction under suspicious circumstances. Over 6000 acres of Government land was available in and around Machilipatnam for leveraging the port and the administration was already in possession of 400 acres. We have acquired physical possession of most of the land on this stretch except the commercial establishments. In another two weeks we expect to gain possession of the land on both sides of the road up to the overbridge Mr. A team representing BHL has taken possession of the 213room hotel and has been overseeing cleaning operations. He had initiated several forestry programmes including the coastal forestry scheme Haritha Threeram. The Forest Department was now in possession of 8000 hectares of land in Kambakal which would be utilised for alternative forest regeneration. The Minister later gave away possession certificates and relief funds to more than 500 persons based on the requests submitted. However the concerned Sub Divisional Magistrates and Additional District Magistrates never show much interest in restoring the possession of the properties to Wakf. The Madras Race Club MRC has moved a civil court here seeking demolition of a building constructed by private parties on clubowned land and to restore possession of the land 5.35 grounds. Persons in possession of antiques manuscripts or inscriptions of more than 75 years old should inform the Collector for recording purposes.