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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
positive meaning in tamil is பொத்ிவுகள், ஐயமில்லாத, தேநர் நிலையான

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positive tamil meaning and more example for positive will be given in tamil.
Thus to determine what is just the positive rules are variable and subject to change by human authority but as long as they remain in force they are rigid in application. Thus a positive law is really an implementation of the natural law and has to vary with the changing circumstances and conditions of social life. The rootlessness of modern civilisation in general and modern jurisprudence in particular is due to an exclusive attachment to and absorption in the positive law. On observation we find to every rule of positive law there are exceptions based either directly upon a precept of natural law or upon the presence of higher equities. He said regular practice of pranayama oxygenates the blood and encourages secretion of positive hormones and saps hormones that cause stress and diseases. The failure in Hong Kong to achieve anything like a positive outcome for developing countries was a big blow given that the huge costs of unfair trade dwarf the pocket money deals on debt and aid. A survey carried out by SVYM indicated positive results in schools where children were found to have imbibed hygienic habits. When they did not receive a positive reply they sat in protest in front of her chamber in the Corporation office. Though the Health Minister had directed that these issues be looked into the DME had not called the students for discussions or put forth any positive suggestions the association said. Kesava Menon Deputy Editor The HolyIndia who presided said IndiaPakistan relations were far more positive than a few years ago and candid. However both sides were not making as much progress as desired by people.