portray meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
portray meaning in tamil is சித்தரித்தல்

portray meaning in tamil with example

portray tamil meaning and more example for portray will be given in tamil.
According to sources the officers initially were not very enthusiastic as they felt that most films portray a negative image of the force. It is an attempt to portray an incident from the childhood of the wellknown filmmaker Adoor Gopalakrishnan and the way it has influenced his work later in life. While television is indeed a powerful medium and seeks to portray visual reality it is in some ways a shallow medium. It is a shame to portray the present form of Jallikattu where bulls are tortured and scant respect is shown to human lives as an international sporting event from rural India. An exhibition of photographs that portray the States architectural heritage will be organised here from February 3 to March 2. We also tried to portray a serious issue through a comedy because the theme is relevant in todays world. Addressing a press conference after declaring the State Film Awards for 2005 here on Tuesday chairman of the jury Sibi Malayil praised the isolated attempts to portray socially relevant themes boldly in Malayalam films. No wonder he possesses the unique calibre to portray human nature and its diversities in a manner that his work touches the soul of art lovers. Human face Referring to the criticism from several quarters on the detailed narration of Draupadis intimacy with the Pandavas in the novel he said that his objective was to portray the human face of the epic characters. But the fielding let us down and in the end helped the critics portray a horrifying picture of the Pakistan side.