porter meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
porter meaning in tamil is சுமை தூக்குபவர்

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porter tamil meaning and more example for porter will be given in tamil.
Der Spiegel reported that CIA head Porter Goss asked Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his latest visit that Ankara allow the U.S. to use its military bases in the country for an air strike on Iran planned for 2006. Hayden would replace Porter Goss who resigned on Friday under a cloud of differences with the intelligence czar Negroponte. Hayden will replace Porter Goss who was forced to resign last week after barely two years on the job. While this facility is engaged in producing Ambassador cars and multiutility vehicles like Trekker Porter and Pushpak HMs other facility is at Thiruvallur near Chennai which makes the Mitsubishi Lancer cars. But that was only because the porter had refused to take his belongings any further if the amount he demanded was not paid. A railway porter coming through the metal detector installed at the entrance of the Kozhikode railway station as part of security measures on December 6. As of now no person had been arrested in the incident in which a constable and a porter sustained injuries. Devotees of continental couchette culture who expect to be woken up at their destination by a polite porter bearing a cappuccino are increasingly startled to find the porter beaten and bleeding and their luggage missing. Also on display is a collection of over 50 art works focusing on Tipu Sultan that includes a set of brilliant Robert Kerr Porter aquatints a set of engravings of Henry Singleton the famous painting depicting the last effort and fall of Tipu Sultan and a courtiers headgear with zari work.