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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pornography meaning in tamil is பாலியல் இன்பத்தை தூண்டும் பாலியல் படம், பாலியல் இலக்கியம்

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Her record is rocksolid saving wetlands from a motorway campaigning against pornography and violence on TV boosting sex education in schools battling for equal pay for women and bringing in paternity leave. The convention apart from guiding students will also dwell on other social issues such as dowry alcohol abuse gambling lottery pornography and communalism. The White House had served a subpoena on several web search giants demanding data on billions of search requests and website addresses as part of its defence of an online pornography law. While outlining some successes law enforcing agencies such as Europol and Interpol had with busting child pornography rackets she laid emphasis on the need for the tourism industry to take responsibility to prevent exploitation of children. The Cyber Crime Cell of the State Police had registered 42 cases related to hacking forceful tampering and pornography under Sections 65 66 and 67 of the Information Technology Act. She cited the case of a police officer in Denmark who found child pornography online and alerted Interpol. Addressing a faculty development programme on Cyber Security at the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham he listed spam phishing and child pornography as areas of concern for cyber security. According to police Karthikmani had downloaded pornography material from the website in his computer. One hopes the government will also ban filthy movies and shut down Internet cafes that do not have a mechanism to curb pornography sites.