porch meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
porch meaning in tamil is திண்ணை, ஒரு கட்டடத்தின் முகப்பு

porch meaning in tamil with example

porch tamil meaning and more example for porch will be given in tamil.
For example the area above the porch in one of the buildings was converted into a terrace garden with space for taking a break and there are now plans to convert all porches. Car stolen A car that was parked in the porch of a house in the high security Cliff House area under the Museum police station limits was reportedly stolen on Sunday night. It is either a wall cracked or part of the roof or a porch collapsed Koryak emergency official Alexander Shchayev told The Associated Press. Other than the white columns the wide porch and the inevitable maintenance work every year there is also a plaque just outside the commissioners office to remind Mr. Mr.Bidhuri was also the one who had managed to get the Chief Minister to allow the MLAs to take their vehicles to the porch of the Secretariat building last year. If one is forced to start on the street line because of the space constraints provide car porch or entrance lobby immediately. Rules have wooden legs while reckoning the number of slices of bread on the breakfast table or allowing you to drive into the porch to unload luggage. The large leafy house has an ornate metal plaque at the entrance that reads Rudyard Kipling son of Lockwood Kipling first principal was born here on 30.12.1865. Its porch bears a bust of the great author.