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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
popularity meaning in tamil is மக்களின் நன்மதிப்பு, கீர்த்தி, பருமன்

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In a survey conducted just after the riots 71 per cent of those questioned approved the tough measures adopted by the conservative government while the popularity of Mr. Surging popularity Hamas boycotted the first parliamentary election in 1996 citing opposition to the Oslo Accords but it declared participation in this years elections. The main reason behind this popularity is not just the display of its new models but also two unique features that allow people to design their own car and also test their driving skills on a simulator. He denies her popularity is an issue for the party or for the couple insisting this week I am not going to hold it against Segolene for being popular. His popularity is so immense that everyone wants to milk it but I will not allow his misuse the creator of that common man who represents the mute millions of this country and one of the most celebrated cartoonists of the country R.K. Laxman said here on Tuesday. The popularity of landline connections is declining and we have introduced various schemes to make it more attractive to subscribers. Until recent years the touring talkies gave Indian films the kind of popularity in the country side that the latter gave to mundane things like fads and fashion in urban areas. He was riding the crest of a popularity wave at that time for not only filling the political vacuum created in the Congress after Rajivs premature death and for helping the party romp home as well though Rajiv Gandhi died even as the elections were half way through.