poor meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
poor meaning in tamil is எழைகள்

poor meaning in tamil with example

poor tamil meaning and more example for poor will be given in tamil.
OpEd Dalits the poor and the NREGA Before tinkering with the NREGA in the name of reforms the government must ensure that the foundations of the scheme are strengthened. Pattas for poor The State Government has been taking massive efforts to issue free house pattas for the poor. The project is designed to provide supplementary and alternative source of income to the poor agriculturists by engaging them in nonfarm sector activities. But this is a poor show by the Congress compared to its performance in the previous elections in which it won 31 seats in the 32member House. The Congress has some reasons to be elated over the result in the wake of its poor show in the last general elections in which it can win only three of eight Assembly seats. The problem faced by Congress leaders while allotting the ticket to candidates was one of the reasons for the poor performance. Nautical Science at Pallavaram in Chennai could not pursue his education due to poor financial situation of his family. He gave away school uniforms to 30 orphan and poor Urdu students of Urdu high school at a programme organised by Mohd. Encouraged by its improved performance in the elections to zilla and taluk panchayats compared with last years poor show in the Assembly and Lok Sabha polls the Congress is confident of winning 140 of the 224 seats in the Assembly if snap polls are to be announced. Economic situation On the economic front the State cannot be termed poor as only 3.5 per cent of the total population live below the poverty line.