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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pond meaning in tamil is குளம்

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None was allowed to sit around the Golden Lotus Pond in view of paucity of time and also to avoid overcrowding. Drowned Sureshkumar 26 a manual labourer a resident of Valiavila Kandala drowned in a pond in his neighbourhood while he was taking his bath. Like many other swimming champions Mini started her swimming classes in the Erakulam pond at Kavassery. The bodies of a woman and her three children were found in a pond at Kattaampak in Njeezhoor panchayat near here. The musical fountain and the two pedal boats in the parks pond are being operated by the District Tourism Promotion Council DTPC. The lotus pond which is planned around the pillars would add a new dimension too with the paintings reflected in the water he adds. They deepened a percolation pond in the Don Bosco Anbu Illam in Vinayagampatti where they stayed to harvest rainwater effectively. Oh look how wonderful is this tirtha Now a beautiful tank with a wall and ornamental gateways this pond must have once been a shimmering sheet of water between the two hills set amid lush green countryside with its paddy fields and groves of coconut and areca palms. Whether a natural pond existed there or not the Kalyani does not date back to earlier than the 18th century. According to V.R. Rajamanickam a farmer from Veeranam encroachments on the channel supplying water to Dathampatti from Athikaripatti pond were yet to be removed. On Thursday wildlife authorities arrested a poacher near Red Hills when he attempted to skin about a dozen pond herons.