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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pollution meaning in tamil is சற்றுப்புறத் தூய்மைக் கேடு

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And they experienced an en mass closure for first time for noncompliance of pollution control norms. The Department of Irrigation and the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board recently asked the company whether it had obtained no objection certificate from them or not. The Ernakulam Collector has asked the Kerala Pollution Control Board PCB to investigate the water discolouration in the Periyar that started from Saturday evening. The Karnataka Engineering Research Station and the Karnataka State pollution Control Board said visual observation on February 24 1987 showed that the main river passing through the mining areas is red and muddy. According to the petitioner an action council had started agitation against the centre on grounds of causing pollution in the area. The pollution of the Krishna as a result of dumping the sewerage into it needs to be checked he said. Unit following norms A.R. Narayanan General Manager of CMRL said that the company had been conducting its operations under the guidelines prescribed by the State Pollution Control Board. To avert the pollution problems a baby canal would be formed in the reservoir and the water flowing from Tirupur area would be allowed in the canal to drain out into the Noyyal river. It is not just industrial pollution but garbage from Tiruvottriyur Municipality continues to be burnt in the dumping yard. A study conducted by School of Environmental Studies of the Cochin University of Science and Technology found that human interference was one of the main reasons for pollution of these water bodies.