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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pollute meaning in tamil is மாசுபடுத்தல்

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The sewage if untreated will not only pollute both surface and groundwater but also render it unfit for irrigation purpose downstream the plan notes. Chauhan said during a review meeting of the officials on Saturday night it came to the notice that the paper mills of Kashipur pollute Dhela river which meets the Ganga river at Farrukhabad. The Minister said a law would be introduced to take criminal action against those who pollute water sources and water bodies. Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday she said in addition to damaging the environment of Araku valley and other areas mining activity would also pollute the water sources of tribals resulting in health hazards to them. As the area is facing acute shortage of drinking water the debris from the quarry might pollute the entire sources of water both surface and transmitted he pointed out. This can pollute groundwater sources which ultimately pose serious health hazards to people who drink the contaminated water. Pollutionfree Natural dyes he says were free from chemicals and did not pollute the environment. Kanyakumari to pioneer Rural development department officials say the toilets will benefit high water table areas and rocky regions where leaching from soak pits pollute groundwater. Ashraf who is also aware of the problem told The HolyIndia that it is true that the pumping station engineers have complained to him on a couple of occasions and he has directed them to pin point the problem so that action could be initiated against those who pollute the river.