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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
politics meaning in tamil is அரசியல்

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As the world is changing so must we... I want to usher in a new type of politics in this country constructive thoughtful and openminded he said. Corrupt politics Our country is afflicted with the disease of unethical and corrupt politics. Heading into 2006 the committee has targeted such linguistic gems as hunker down which it noted is used by media in reports about everything from politics to hurricanes. Also frequently heard on the news is person of interest a favourite of law enforcement agencies. Sripathi described it as a masterpiece in modern Telugu literature and an encyclopaedia of different subjects such as Indias independence movement caste system communism socialism Gandhism politics and human relations. Ban on student politics and the Governments policies of encouraging commercialisation of education had led to a state wherein girl students were not safe within their own college campuses the SFI alleged. Vajpayee has gracefully bowed out of electoral politics but let us hope that his experience wisdom and statesmanship will always help the nation. But if you stand back from the past few months and assess the whole year something more optimistic becomes clear the politics of global inequality has come of age. But perhaps an even bigger worry is that the politics of global inequality is characterised by a wishful naivety. But for all its shortcomings the comingofage of the politics of global inequality is being driven by an important issue that will ensure it stays on the international agenda at its heart is a question of legitimacy.