policeman meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
policeman meaning in tamil is காவல்துறை காவலர்

policeman meaning in tamil with example

policeman tamil meaning and more example for policeman will be given in tamil.
Constable held Elango 30 a constable attached to the Armed Reserve and his brother Loganathan 27 were arrested on Sunday since they threatened another policeman here on Saturday night. Six tribals and one policeman were killed in a clash at Kalinga Nagar in Orissas Jajpur district on Monday the police said. The three senior journalists thought it wise to leave when the policeman declared that their invitations were not valid. Citing an example indicating how inservice training has largely been a neglected area BPRD Director Training Rakesh Jaruhar said a policeman on an average usually comes back for training only after a gap of about 20 years. When a policeman fresh from training is posted in the field he comes across several experiences that tend to wash away the lessons learnt in the academy. He never exhibited the typical attitude of a policeman and was friendly with elders and children alike recalled Mr. City Commissioner of Police V.S.K. Kaumudi on Sunday suggested that every citizen be his or her own policeman or policewoman. If we do this during our duty we will be caught unaware by mediapersons.... disciplinary action can be taken against us. Another policeman said their nature of work prevents them taking food in time and also have a good sleep. A policeman stands at the pylon unveiled by Congress president Sonia Gandhi at Nanal Nagar crossroads in Hyderabad on Saturday. At least 17 rebels five soldiers two civilians and a policeman were killed in clashes near the village of Phapar Badi about 160 km south of Kathmandu.