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At this point the partys oncefavourite hunting ground looks polarised between two interesting sociopolitical formations the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samaj Party. Iran is a highly politicised and polarised society and there is every likelihood that MPs will demand implementation of this resolution once the IAEA Board votes the way the U.S. wants it to. With the Communist Party of India Marxist deciding against admitting it into the Left Democratic Front the DICK is friendless in Keralas polarised politics. The only option if it is a viable option is forming a third front in the polarised political scenario of the State. Akshobhya Mysore India is slowly but surely being polarised between the majority and minority. Advanis Ram rath yatra 151 the trail of death and destruction left in its wake polarised communities to the advantage of the party. Though all these are still marginal in extent in a politically polarised society like Kerala they have an unusual nuisance value with decisive minority votes to tip the balance this way or that in the elections Mr. True in Keralas polarised politics forming an alternative to the Congress and the Left parties is no easy task. Although protests have polarised around changes to existing labour laws with the introduction of a new employment contract CPE the real discontent runs far deeper. The Prime Minister who would remain in a caretaker capacity till a successor is chosen said his decision was also dictated by a desire to reunite the nation that got deeply polarised in recent months over his position.