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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
poem meaning in tamil is கவிதை

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poem tamil meaning and more example for poem will be given in tamil.
Competitions were held for students in watercolour and oil painting pencil drawing cartoon English and Malayalam essay writing and story and poem writing. On February 15 C.N. Karunakarans work based on Edasserys poem Ambadiyilekku will be put on exhibition. For March 15 Kaladharan is planning a commemoration of G. A large number of students from different schools participated in the oratorical painting quiz poem composing dance competitions etc. Tableaux presented during the show included a Santa Claus riding a carriage pulled by horse and not reindeers a depiction of Swati Thirunal the musician king of erstwhile Travancore and visualisation of Vazhakkula the famous poem by Changampuzha Krishna Pillai. Karunanidhi composed a poem on Cuba and its leader Fidel Castro and read it out at the valedictory of the Cuban Solidarity Conference here. The satiric sloka by the old poet Oduvil Kunjikrishna Menon describing a meal in a restaurant in the Ernakulam of those days finds an interesting reflection in a more modern poem by N.K. Desam. Years ago this writer carried away by the charming nose of his interviewer in a Radio Station wrote a poem and titled it Theory of Relativity. The poem read On the left wing of your comely nose snugly sits that golden dot. Thats why this water song celestial. The last few lines of Telugu poem Jala Geetam or Water Song by N. The poem was rich with humane and environmental references to the plight of rivers oceans waterfalls and lakes everywhere. He described the poem as an invocation to and a celebration of water and a prayer to water in the Vedic mode.