podium meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
podium meaning in tamil is பிரசங்க மேடை

podium meaning in tamil with example

podium tamil meaning and more example for podium will be given in tamil.
The stage was designed to give it a shape of Theyyam and the podium on the stage looked like a chenda. One would have expected a traditional lamp for the chief guest to light to inaugurate the function. The monthly meeting of the Vellore municipal council here on Wednesday was plunged into pandemonium with opposition councillors surrounding the podium of the chairperson Geetha Ilangovan and creating noisy scenes. With the assembly insisting that Gandhi be seated on the stage along with 120odd distinguished delegates the young MP walked up to announce he would prefer to speak from the podium on Monday after spending the day listening to the deliberations. Venkanna and Ramakrishna project and placement coordinators respectively said that the event would be the podium for the students to display their technical knowhow on certain specialised issues. 18 before Riccardo Muti takes to the podium and leads the orchestra 151 and renowned signers 151 through their paces in a collage of his works. Rajan Kulkarni Group CommanderNCC Group Headquarters Madurai escorted the ViceChancellor to the podium where he was formally granted the rank of Honorary Colonel Commandant. Chasing an unlikely podium finish Keshvan took an aggregate time of 331.937 about 5.849 sec more than Armin Zoeggeler of Italy who won the gold on Sunday. Eleven TRS members were suspended from the Assembly for two days on Friday when they staged a sitin near the podium demanding stoppage of Polavaram project and protecting the interests of tribals.