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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
plural meaning in tamil is பண்மை

plural meaning in tamil with example

plural tamil meaning and more example for plural will be given in tamil.
The plays also reflect the diversity of India and its plural heritage that we must preserve said Secretary Ministry of Culture Neena Ranjan. Starting at India Habitat Centre this coming Tuesday the conference will be centred round the theme Toward Greater Human Solidarity Options for a Plural World. The Indian experience of a plural society secular polity and democratic state structure is in fact relevant to all societies that are not homogenous. Singhs use of plural nouns decisions and points in time jibe with Washingtons strident demand that India satisfy it with a separation plan at this point. The plural of kin is kin while forceful no doubt a measure of strength cannot overwhelm and replace the muchagainstthewill forcible. Suleman Siddiqi ViceChancellor Osmania University urged people to make democracy workable in a plural society like India. In a plural society equity is an essential ingredient of a democratic framework a tyranny of the majority will not lead to stability. Swamy said the time had come to recognise that the Tamil is part of the problem of the strife in Sri Lanka and can never be a part of the solution. In a plural polity and democracy terrorist organisations such as the Tamil had no place. In Corrections and Clarifications July 21 2006 and the reference to megawatt one million watts a reader says that symbols for units do not take a plural form with added s. Russ Rowlett Director of the Center for Mathematics and Science Education University of North Carolina Chapel Hill clarifies If the name of a unit is spelled out then it takes a plural in the usual way one million watts.