pillow meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pillow meaning in tamil is தலையணை

pillow meaning in tamil with example

pillow tamil meaning and more example for pillow will be given in tamil.
Main items There are 31 stalls set up by the handloom cooperatives and the main items on sale were bed sheets pillow covers tablemats and womens dress materials. A Congress MLA from the city lost his 100 gram gold chain under a pillow in his first class compartment on his way to the city from Shimoga on Thursday. A vast range of textile products including dress material saris bed sheets pillow cases and cushion covers are on sale. Womens dress material from Mangalagiri bed sheets from Ilavaram and other places pillow covers towels handkerchiefs readymade shirts and a host of other handloom products are on display. The AP VAT Act 2005 covered only readymade garments but later it was amended to include bedsheets pillow covers towels blankets travelling rugs curtains laces zari embroidery articles and all other madeups being subjected to a tax of 4 per cent he said. Some burglars told us that a good number of people keep the almirah keys beneath the pillow or mattress beneath the iron chest or inside shelves books or clothes. I have made some of the major discoveries of my life while bored how long you can chew any given nail before you make your finger bleed the best possible angle to position a millet pillow my mature advice is never buy a millet pillow. The fair has on display a wide range of textile materials from Kantha saris from West Bengal georgette tops materials in Bhagalpuri silks bed sheets and pillow covers. The Craft Bazaar exhibition has a collection of artistically embroidered salwar kameez kurtas and kurtis colourful tiny Gujarati lehengas for babies and small children bedspreads saris curtains and pillow and cushion covers among other pieces of embroidered fabrics and textiles.