pile meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
pile meaning in tamil is அடித்தூண்

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If it is done in an organised manner then each pile will have adequate time to turn into compost before it is used again says Ramakrishnan who lives opposite one such dumping zone. The local body authorities have ignored the pile of garbage for the last several months and bushes have started to grow on them. The stalls there are at a height of three feet and it is convenient to pick up vegetables from the pile comfortably says P. A huge pile of hyacinth removed from the Valankulam on Friday as part of Siruthulis initiative to make manure out of it and also help conserve the tank. The Janata DalSecular group and the Bharatiya Janata Party seemed to be trying to pile pressure on Chief Minister Dharam Singh to quit ahead of the trial of strength on the floor of the legislature on January 27. As there is a huge volume of traffic on this radial road connecting the Grand Southern Trunk Road and Kancheepuram vehicles pile up a long distance even if the gates are downed for a few minutes. Apart from concerns over health and hygiene the garbage pile became a direct threat to tourism in the State. Likewise if the U.S. and the EU pile up nuclear weapons it is strategic but if an Asian country like Iran enriches uranium for its energy needs it is illegal destructive and lethal. As talks continued between the employees and the private management the Chennai Corporation used its employees and resources to clear the garbage pile up in the areas. She sliced in a few perfectlyangled serves which Rushmis racquet could sometimes just gape at tested the elasticity of her opponents bones to the hilt and even lent a hand in adding on to Rushmis pile of errors.