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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
piety meaning in tamil is பக்கி

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As wall hanging or decorative piece or even as an object of piety and worship they would do much more than merely adorning home or office. Karur Vaikunda Ekadasi was celebrated with piety and with the opening of Paramapadha Vasal at select Perumal temples. Vaikunda Ekadasi synonymous with fasting and asceticism was observed with piety and fervour in the city on Tuesday. Religious fervour and piety marked a colourful procession taken out by the Jains from Old Bus Stand to Sri Sambhavanath Jain Mandir in Governorpet on Wednesday. An impressively illuminated float of the Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple was taken around Mariamman Teppakulam on Saturday evening in piety and devotion. In other traditions too the militant piety that we call fundamentalism has developed in a similarly symbiotic relationship with a liberalism or secularism experienced as hostile and invasive. Put simply the Barelvi tradition might have been concerned more with personal piety than political power but the clerics who represent it were not about to sit back and watch the state destroy their authority. The Tablighi Jamaat which works to bring spiritual awakening to the Muslim world underscores personal piety as a precondition for any effective Islamic activity in public life. She blessed Rama May that piety protect You on all sides 151 the piety which You scrupulously observe with love. Vazifa Chennai India is great because the mosques and temples of Banaras coexist and because the piety shown by the followers of different faiths is unmatched.