own meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
own meaning in tamil is சொந்த

own meaning in tamil with example

own tamil meaning and more example for own will be given in tamil.
Pareekutti and Karuthamma the countryside characters from Gods Own Country live in the hearts of thousands of aficionados of art and literature. Vinay deep inside his own half allowing Dhanraj Bimal Lakra and Vikram Pillay to do the bulk of the running and scheming. Recently a functionary of the council of Northern areas met me on his own initiative and desired the opening of the KargilSkardu road. Most of us have made extensive investments in our own security apparatus and the interface with the police will hopefully be only temporary said the chief security officer of a topnotch facility on Old Mahabalipuram Road. Sudhakar said in 2006 the department was planning to print its own greeting cards with emphasis on the culture and ethos of the region. All the countries had their own New Year festivals based on the calendars whether lunar or solar and most of them were based on agricultural or astronomical influences. In the light of the Constitution amendment on reservation in admissions to private professional institutions for Schedule Castes Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes the State Government has decided to table a Bill in the immediate possible legislature session to formulate its own rules. In many cases families celebrating the wedding organised grains and other provisions on their own but to avoid audit by officials foot note was printed on the invitation card requesting for the ration. Among them are Maradona Villain or Victim Escobars Own Goal Miracle of Bern Escape to Victory The Cup Two Halftimes in the Hell Kaalo Harin Garrincha the Lonely Star When Saturday Comes and Shaolin Soccer.