otherwise meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
otherwise meaning in tamil is மற்றபடி

otherwise meaning in tamil with example

otherwise tamil meaning and more example for otherwise will be given in tamil.
He said public were told that once the HIV entered the body it would destroy the T4 cells in the White Blood Corpuscles which otherwise offers immunity to various diseases. There are also fallen tree branches piled up near the old nephrology building and stray dogs roam inside the premises which is otherwise quite impressive. Jagannathan on Monday restrained the State Government and other respondents from selling or otherwise disposing of in an auction 59 surplus animals belonging to the National Dairy Research Institute NDRI Bangalore. Talking to newspersons after the Opposition walkout the State Minister for Public Relations Panchayat and Rural Development Narendra Singh Tomar said that the Congress party is raising this issue only to remain in news otherwise the matter is very superficial. A draw of lots in the Senate equivalent of the Rajya Sabha of Pakistan on Monday proved lucky for 50 members and otherwise for 50 others. Its better to project it as Visakha Utsav 2005 otherwise it will suggest that there will not be any utsav during December 2006 another member pointed out. The MCH otherwise used to get close to 150 such orders with regard to constructions of ground plus two floors in a month. Thus scriptures were helpful only to the individual who made effort to improve himself as otherwise there would be only determinism without any scope for redemption said Sri N.Veezhinathan in his discourse. What attracts them to this otherwise nondescript town are the splendid and lonely beaches in and around Gokarna particularly the Om and the Koodle beach.