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I was the only photographer to record the event he recalled remembering the event which occurred 20 years ago. The police said the accident occurred when Suryanarayana Swamy was returning home after collecting his pension amount. The disaster occurred on a steep stone staircase leading to the shrine at Yashoko 160 miles north of Tokyo only half an hour after a bell there had rung in the New Year. Police said the stampede occurred when one man on the staircase fell blocking the path of the worshippers climbing to the shrine and others returning from prayer. The accident occurred around 8.30 a.m. when an RTC bus of Tanuku depot jumped the traffic signals and hit an autorickshaw and a motorbike at the school near Benz circle. Dows of Orlando Florida points out that the attack occurred hours after Abu Salem extradited from Portugal last month was brought to Bangalore for a lie detection test. The accident occurred when the iron pipes the mason and the house owner were lifting came in contact with hightension wires atop police said. Isolated rainfall occurred over Tamil Nadu and Kerala and dry weather prevailed over Andhra Pradesh Karnataka and Lakshadweep. But with the comprehensive analysis of the profile of the victims the accused and the areas where such incidents occurred coupled with the fact that a large number of such cases go unreported the police have clearly established that it could do little in terms of prevention. The fire is believed to have occurred from an electric short circuit on the fourth floor of the eightstorey Federal Towers.