occasional meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
occasional meaning in tamil is அவ்வப்போது, எப்பொழுதாவது நிகழக்கூடிய

occasional meaning in tamil with example

occasional tamil meaning and more example for occasional will be given in tamil.
Even occasional distribution of food for the poor should be done with contributions from devotees and it would not be meaningful to do it with government funding. The occasional bark of the barking deer the cry of the jackals break the eerie silence of the dark nights instilling a sense of awe among the visitors particularly those staying in the wooden cottages for the first time. The conflict in Chiapas has rumbled on with only occasional flareups but no lasting resolution nor major improvements for Mexicos longsuffering indigenous population. In a city where except for the occasional English film not much effort is made to screen films for children the festival could have been held a week earlier many feel. The artist showcases an exclusive visual story on water in soft pastels of blue and occasional use of ochre and earthy browns suggesting waters unbreakable affinity to mother earth. There is the occasional personal favourite too or films which played an important role in my understanding of Hindi cinema. The Indians occasional glittering stroke left a memory but the Dutchwomans finer consistency had the greater impact. After the crews supplies ran out they began eating the rice from the hold supplemented by occasional handouts of meat sugar and vegetables from their captors. If the Central Government goes ahead with its plan to hike the issue price of foodgrains supplied through ration shops even the current occasional customer would desert him. Should Rahul earn recognition for breathing life into the Congress comatose Uttar Pradesh unit which of course means making more than the occasional trip to Amethi who can grudge him his rewards.