nutrient meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nutrient meaning in tamil is ஊட்டப் பொருள்

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nutrient tamil meaning and more example for nutrient will be given in tamil.
Surendrans work in developing a method for optimising nutrient flows and stocks on an agricultural farm and to calculate nutrient balances. This method could also be used to calculate nutrient balances at the village district and State levels from data regarding nutrient balances at farm level. The new method would help mitigate nutrient deficiencies on farms and to enhance crop yield through scientific management of soil fertility. The Sericulture Department had advised farmers to adopt the Integrated Nutrient Management and the Integrated Pest Management strategies which will pave the way for improving the soil fertility Mr. However pig and poultry production concentrated in the coastal areas of China Thailand and Vietnam is emerging as a major source of nutrient pollution of the South China Sea. Along much of the densely populated coast pig density exceeds 100 animals per sqkm and agricultural land is overloaded with a huge nutrient surplus. Integrated pest management integrated nutrient management agricultural technology information technologies and innovations like the mango and garlic peeler harvesters hot water treatment for postharvest disinfestation and disinfection of mangoes will also be on display. The unique feature of our biofertiliser is that they are soil specific crop specific nutrient specific and micronutrient specific. The Gulf of Mannar is identified as the best area for seaweed cultivation because of its nutrient rich seawater sandy bottom constant salinity almost throughout the year and minor fluctuation in water temperature.