nutmeg meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nutmeg meaning in tamil is ஜாதிக்காய்

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The memorandum focussed on the need to popularise and provide assistance for floriculture and vegetable cultivation medicinal plants besides nutmeg and cocoa. Zinha drove at Argentina and Gonzalo Pineda fooled Lionel Scaloni with a nutmeg to set up Fonseca with a glorious chance to win the match in the dying moments. Watching raisins orange peels ginger peels dates cinnamon cloves nutmeg and a lot of other ingredients being mixed and tossed inside a warm bakery makes every other activity a bore. During April December 2006 the export of pepper cardamom large ginger turmeric cumin nutmeg and mace vanilla curry powderpaste mint products and other spices like tamarind asafoetida etc are higher in terms of both quantity and value as compared to the same period last year. Export of pepper cardamom large chilli turmeric cumin nutmeg and mace vanilla curry powder and paste mint products other seed spices tamarind asafoetida and so on are higher in terms of quantity and value than that during the corresponding period last year.