nut meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nut meaning in tamil is ஆணியை நழுவாமல் பிடித்திருக்கும் ஒரு தடை

nut meaning in tamil with example

nut tamil meaning and more example for nut will be given in tamil.
I will get some rest and hopefully carry on in this fashion. Tough character Schuettler considered a tough nut to crack put all his experience to play. Achuthanandan said the Government was not adopting any measures to save the traditional industrial segments including coir cashew nut and bamboo which were reeling under crisis. Nagarajan Hyderabad Sensex crossing 10000 points is a hard nut to crack for a layman like me. A 30yearold man was stoned to death by his brothers over a property dispute at Olavattur near Kondotty on Wednesday. P.P. Aoobacker Siddique an areca nut merchant was stoned by his elder brothers Moosa and Abdul Khader when he questioned them. The body was found by women who were picking cashew nut in the land owned by the HMT near Seaport Airport Road on Wednesday morning. There was no damage to the mango cashew nut and jackfruit crops being cultivated at the centre he added. The deft official that he is Municipal Commissioner Natarajan Gulzar gets things done either by hook or by crook proving a point even to his political bosses that hes a hard nut to crack. The confederation wanted immediate procurement of areca nut at the rate of Rs.100 a kg especially in the Malabar area and Kasaragod district to provide relief to farmers. Though Thiruvananthapuram raised visions of a fightback by pulling one back at the start of the second half it found a stubborn Palakkad defence a tough nut to crack. Crops such as mango areca nut and banana have been damaged in Santhebennur which recorded 188 mm rainfall.