nun meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nun meaning in tamil is கன்னிகாசிரீ, கன்னித்துறவி, சந்நியாசினி

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Thousands of Jain devotees paid homage to Vijayamathi Mataji the seniormost Jain nun in country who died here on Sunday. The BSF took to mountaineering and other adventure sports way back in 1978 with an expedition to Mount Nun 7135 m in Zanskar Himalayas. Police said a group of persons from Nagercoil were returning home in a van after attending the silver jubilee celebrations of a nun held at Palayamkottai. The BCI contended that the High Court had erred not appreciating that nun or priesthood was a profession. Major Kular has the distinction of scaling the Nun Peak in the Northern Kargil sector in 2005 and he had also scaled the Uhuru Peak in Africa. In Somalia on Sunday gunmen killed an Italian nun and her bodyguard at the entrance of a hospital where she worked in an attack some feared could be linked to Muslim outrage over the Popes remarks. Of the 26 children we have with us now most were born out of sexual abuses says the nun who runs a care home for children in distress in the capital city but who does not wish to be identified. A family event commemorating the 50th year celebration of one of his aunts becoming a nun at Bangalore came in handy for Michael to plan his trip to Mangalore.