nuisance meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
nuisance meaning in tamil is அச்சுறுத்தல் நிலை

nuisance meaning in tamil with example

nuisance tamil meaning and more example for nuisance will be given in tamil.
He warned that action would be taken against those who flouted the rules and burnt tyres plastics etc. under the Nuisance Act. The other day several youngsters were creating a nuisance of themselves at the monuments in Mahabalipuram. We pour phenoyl on the carcass to make it inedible and charge the offenders under the Public Nuisance Act but the practice of not slaughtering the animal in the abattoir continues admits an official. It is an irritant and a nuisance but cant be regarded as anything remotely resembling the threat once posed by an alternative world a Socialist world. The police registered 86 cases causing public nuisance under inebriation and 69 wanted criminals were arrested. Rajagopalan Puzthuthivakkam Beggar menace in trains The nuisance created by beggars and unauthorised vendors has reached alarming proportions in the longdistance and suburban trains nowadays. Gokari said old people and children were disturbed by the deafening noise from the blasting and subjected great nuisance besides damaging the houses. In Nagpur 20 Bajrang Dal activists were detained when they tried to commit nuisance at the Law College Square during Valentines Day celebrations. Twentythree persons were booked for footboard travel 32 for causing nuisance to fellow passengers and playing cards five each for ticketless travel and smoking inside trains and one for using the alarm chain without proper reason. Running of banquet halls is a perennial source of nuisance to residents besides causing traffic congestion.