meaningful meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
meaningful meaning in tamil is கருத்து நிறைந்த

meaningful meaning in tamil with example

meaningful tamil meaning and more example for meaningful will be given in tamil.
On the Bangalore exposure visit four of the participants were MPs from the north making it a meaningful Bharat Darshan. Even occasional distribution of food for the poor should be done with contributions from devotees and it would not be meaningful to do it with government funding. This project has to be carried out in several selected sites along the Kerala coastline where there is best chance of finding meaningful contact and sedimentological information. What makes the RTI Act more meaningful in the case of DDA is that here it made the officials bring in some special mechanisms to provide more power to the masses. By deploying it rapidly India could also become a global showcase in the use of broadband for meaningful national goals. TIGA International Trade Adviser Nikkan Woodhouse said on Friday that moves were on for parleys with iGITA the Indian Game Industry Association to see how the interface could be made meaningful and turned into business opportunities. If the Government really wanted to help Muslims the subsidy amount could be used for the communitys constructive and meaningful welfare measure. There are other welcome features of the new Clause 49 that have not been debated to any meaningful extent. NEF Zone was under pressure right through as North Zone combined well and made some meaningful forays on both wings. R.S. Rana Trilok Singh repeatedly tested the rival defence. Children work well when they are shown examples that they can relate to as the subject should be meaningful for them says a Jodo Gyan representative.