maybe meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
maybe meaning in tamil is ஒருவேலை, அநேகமாக

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This is the tragedy of human existence 151 we all think were butterflies waiting to happen when maybe were concentrating on the wrong creature. Though the brilliance of each bulb maybe different they are all manifestations of the same electricity. V.V. Siva Rama Krishna Rao Hyderabad One for Sonia If the liquor baron could get back Tippus sword maybe Ill trade for the Kohinoor diamond or the Peacock Throne and just guess to whom Ill pass it on. Or maybe with the help of a film art director I will build a replica of Sabarimalais Swami Ayappa temple. On the other hand maybe just 12 developing nations exist where private spending on health as a share of GDP is more than in India. Responding to the Iranian decision Germany on Monday said that the move was very very ominous. In Washington the Bush administration warned that Iran maybe referred to the U.N. Security Council for possible sanctions over its decision. Similar complaints have not been brought to our notice so far maybe because we have strong internal socialauditing system to detect and correct deviant behaviour. 8 6 Cramped and closely fitting 5 7 A helicopter maybe 7 8 Lays open former assumed attitudes 7 16 With which to get the measure of a slippery slope. I thought we had some sort of rotation policy when Steve was captain if my memory serves me correctly so maybe with a few years on and experience he thinks its not the right thing to do Gilchrist said. I think maybe youve got to find something to fuel you against Roger Federer because it aint enough to just play tennis. Federer is the measuring stick for all his rivals on the mens tour and he has reigned as No 1 on the ATP rankings for almost two years.