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And two years after he came out of the tangle there is no sign of the lexicon seeing the light of the day. Mujtehadis lexicon is unique in that it contains the largest number of phrases idioms technical medical and scientific terms. And we will have to coin new words to describe his personality as there is no proper words in the lexicon to describe a versatile person like Mar Chysostum he added. It told the world that in the lexicon of the Tamils liberation ideology there is no place for humane conduct. In the lexicon of the Bush administration Iran was part of an axis of evil 151 a term that signified Washingtons obsession with regime change in Teheran. Universal dictionary UDL is bringing out a universal dictionary a lexicon of words in all languages with English translations. Natural scarcity gives way to humanmade impoverishments this is recognised in the word deprivation which like many terms in the lexicon of poverty betrays its meaning. Suspicion is not fact and cannot be substituted for facts except in the lexicon of the neocons who insist we are suckers if we trust Iran. Primarily as a result of Western action chain reactions that are qualitatively different have been set off. Ideally these will be from a lexicon invented by the new faiths gurus mainly elderly rightwing Americans who seem to know the Way Ahead. A renowned resource person since 60 years in the field of folk theatre traditional art forms folk music and compilation of lexicon of cultural idioms Mudenur Sanganna had participated in the freedom struggle and in the movement for unification of Karnataka.