levy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
levy meaning in tamil is வரி, தீர்வை

levy meaning in tamil with example

levy tamil meaning and more example for levy will be given in tamil.
Timber merchants in Kozhikode have urged the Government to include silver rock and other commonlytraded softwood in the category of timber that attracts only four per cent levy under the new tax system. The Congress which made a hue and cry on the user charges during the TDP rule is now going back on its word and trying to levy user charges he said. The agitating junior doctors who demanded levying of usercharges for providing better services at the hospitals were ignored and the State Government seemed to have suddenly decided to levy the charges said Dr. In a statement here Appexa secretary Dil Koshy said additional levy on the exporter was highly objectionable as basic freight consisted of all expenses incidental to carriage. If the proposed new levy was imposed on the exporters it would drive away the exporters and they would be forced to seek alternate means. The suggestion is to levy excise duty on motor vehicles run on diesel used to transport passengers except those meant for public transport tax on luxury cars and higher rate of excise for generators used for industry and private purposes are other ideas mooted. The recent move of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India TRAI to give a fixed amount each year as Access Deficit Charges collected as a levy from private operators instead of proportionate charges will result in losses of Rs. The levy collection of the rice is expected to be around five lakh tonnes while the requirement of the rice to be distributed through the PDS is 1.5 lakh tonnes.