letterhead meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
letterhead meaning in tamil is முகவரி அச்சிடப்பட்ட அஞ்சல் தாள்

letterhead meaning in tamil with example

letterhead tamil meaning and more example for letterhead will be given in tamil.
He showed four request letters he had received in her letterhead and the officials had taken cognizance of the last one submitted by her proxy as a matter of practice. In an affidavit the KGMOA said the letter allegedly received by the Lok Ayukta was neither on the letterhead of the association nor did it bear any signature and seal of the competent person to represent the association. Nizamabad Range DIG Anjani Kumar handing over a letterhead to Sunil Kumar SP marking work on the ISO 9001 at Sangareddy on Friday. Suicide bombers have penetrated the Chennai airport and placed powerful bombs there. The letter written in Tamil did not bear any signature name or letterhead of any terrorist group he said. Reddy smelt a rat as the accused person demanded one more lakh showing an appointment order under the letterhead of police recruitment board. Electricity Minister Arcot N.Veerasamy said the letterhead did not belong to the Speaker nor did he sign it.