lethargy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lethargy meaning in tamil is சோம்பேரி

lethargy meaning in tamil with example

lethargy tamil meaning and more example for lethargy will be given in tamil.
State Governments have to shed their lethargy to protect the education sector in the country said Amrik Singh educationalist and former vicechancellor of Panjabi University Patiala. The Government appears unwilling to crack down on the practice and its ambivalence is echoed with equal lethargy at every level. The former Supreme Court judge K.T. Thomas has come down heavily on the political leadership for the lethargy being shown in effecting timely changes in the police force to turn it into a defensive mechanism for the democratic rights of citizens. But now due to the lethargy and inefficiency of the MCD and the Delhi Government the fate of lakhs of citizens hangs in balance. Coming down heavily on the police as they had failed to trace the missing girl despite a specific complaint about her kidnappers the court observed that the conduct of the police showed their inefficiency or lethargy or indifference towards the complaint. Unscientificallyconstructed and potholed roads and bridges inadequate roadsafety signages lack of road ethics speeding and lethargy in enforcing traffic rules have contributed to this plight. Joseph said there might be a few instances of lethargy among judges or lawyers standing in the way of early disposal of cases. Her relatives and neighbours numbering nearly 50 gathered at the hospital and accused the hospital authorities of lethargy in providing adequate and timely medical care. Prime Minister Nehru described the Bill as a vital and in a sense a revolutionary measure. He said It is a revolutionary step in the sense that it shakes up the lethargy of thinking.