least meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
least meaning in tamil is மிகக் குறைவான

least meaning in tamil with example

least tamil meaning and more example for least will be given in tamil.
The UPA government on Thursday raised reservation for women at all tiers of the panchayat raj system from 33 to at least 50 per cent. At least 20 trees would be required to generate 15 tonnes of fuel wood making it essential for a person to raise 15 trees around his site before constructing house compensate the tree loss. Hopes belied The Janata Dal S was confident of winning at least three zilla panchayat seats in Muddebihal taluk where the party has the leadership of the former Minister Vimalabai Deshmukh. Bringing a tear or two to the eyes of at least some who read it making them yearn for the days gone by. The two parks which have been merged under a single administration and brought under the Project Tiger harbour at least 150 tigers. This figure went up to 26 in 1976 and there has been no looking back for the tiger ever since at least officially. Extended on a larger scale this system can reduce expenditure on logistics security and even reduce the number of polling booths at least in urban areas he said. India being the larger economy among the seven membercountries has to provide certain concessions to the four least developed countries LDCs. Referring to the killing of a scientist in Bangalore he said it is a security lapse as the authorities had information about an attack at least five days in advance. Under the Internet booking passengers would have to wait at least a day to get their tickets through courier. Perhaps because the elections to the Parliament and the State Assembly are not simultaneous at least in Tamil Nadu every alternate year seems to be an election year in recent history.