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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lease meaning in tamil is வாடகைக்கு விடுதல், குத்தகை

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No kidding The merits of the Delhi Development Authority cancelling the lease of four schools are better known to experts. 10 per annum as the lease amount and this was to be sent to Kukke Subramanya Temple at Kukke for Sevartha. The petitioner said that despite an agreement being arrived at eight years ago work on the memorial had not commenced. All these years these cards got a new lease of life just by pasting a paper instead of new leafs in the ration book. The Railway Board has turned down Southern Railways plea not to lease both the luggage vans in mail and express trains to private contractors in the interest of small traders. Many of those who had taken shops and restaurants on lease after coughing up huge sums of money are worried. In a statement issued here on Thursday it listed corporatisation of education selling and giving on lease educational institutions as some of the shortcomings. According to the agreement signed between the GCDA and the contractor the land was given on a monthly lease of Rs. The lease amount was fixed considering the fact that all the maintenance of the museum was to be done by the contractor Prof. The CPT reportedly said that Rs.2.4 lakhs per acre was charged as annual lease money from publicsector companies. The request for a mining lease in the Ramanadurg area with deposits estimated at 100 million tonnes in the State is expected to be taken up by the State Cabinet shortly. The spokesman described the move as pure provocation and said the lighthouses were part of a 1997 agreement under which Ukraine agreed to lease land and property for Russias Black Sea Fleet till 2017.