lean meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
lean meaning in tamil is சாய்ந்த

lean meaning in tamil with example

lean tamil meaning and more example for lean will be given in tamil.
The new Discover retains all the style attributes such as athletic lean and muscular styling along with gorgeous graphics. Moreover the SHG members were trained in tailoring and making readymade garments to make end meet during the lean periods. Of course it is a nice feeling to be back among the runs after a lean series against England but my job is still not over Younis said after his unbeaten 147. Under criticism for a relatively lean trot coming into the series Sehwag said I was getting 30s and 40s. The programme should not be treated as the regular source of income as it was conceived to help the wageseekers only during the lean period and would extend only supplementary income the Collector explained. He said the NREGP would be a blessing for Anantapur district where about three to five lakhs of people migrated to urban areas in every lean season. The meat was considered a rich source of protein in the lean years after defeat in the Second World War but people moved on to other meats 151 notably beef 151 as they became more affluent. A release from FACT said here on Friday that although January was a lean month factamfos sales during the last month touched 72844 tonnes. The airline said its plans to continue with lowfare tickets as it helps its aircraft carry 100 per cent loads during a relatively lean season for travel. A section of the public was angered over the lean presence of traffic police personnel when it mattered the most at road junctions. Earlier in the year the company had beaten what are usually the lean months to log significantly high levels of fertiliser sales while in the production front it maintained positive results.